Essay on Women Empowerment in English (250words)

Essay on Women Empowerment in English (250words):-

Introduction (Essay on Women Empowerment) :-

Women empowerment refers to the ability of women. Who takes the decisions of his life independently.

To give equal status to women in society, to improve their social and economic status. To provide them with a good education. So that women can get employment and become self-reliant.

So that women can compete with men in education and economic progress. If a woman is empowered, she takes her decisions freely without any pressure. With this women can fulfill their every wish.

Need for Women Empowerment (essay on women empowerment) :-

Female reproduction is needed because the female discriminates against the female. Women are less educated than men and it is not considered appropriate to send them away from home for education.

Some people even today marry girls in their childhood and do heinous acts like female feticide and abortion. Which is a legal crime.

essay on women empowerment

Various schemes are being run by the Government of India for women, such as Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Mahila Shakti Kendra, Ujjwal Yojana, and Panchayati Raj Yojana, providing other facilities like a reservation to women.

Role of Women :-

Women have an important contribution in our society, today women are not behind men in any field, the women of our country have always illuminated the country’s name in various fields, whether it is sports, cinema, they are scientific, political and medical working in. Indira Gandhi was the first Prime Minister of our country.

Pratibha Singh Patil was the first President of our country. We have to change our thinking and give equal status to women as men. should be Others should be respected.

If women are empowered, then only society will be empowered.

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