Essay On Social Media (250words)/Essay On Social Media Media In English

Introduction (Essay on social media) :-

Social media is an online platform that facilities the sharing of information and thoughts through the building of virtual communities. Some top social media companies are on facebook, instagram, u tube, what’s aap, tweeter, linked in, Pinterest etc.

Meaning (Essay on social media) :-

Online interaction and communication between different age groups of people .it may be in any form like a web application , website and smartphone application.

Use of social media((essay on social media) :-

Some people use it to become popular . They created good videos and images to attract users and then follow them.Social networking site and and apps are the cheapest communication service in this world. Just you have an internet services plan. You you can make video calls, message, send documents, online classes ,online test Etc. Social networking site and app are so anyone can talk with his relatives, family and friends in anywhere in world. Social media has become now the fastest communication medium in the world . It’s popularity is also increasing in people. Every age is asking social networking websites.

Essay on social media
Essay on social media

Advantage (essay on social media) :-

  1. Today’s technology has increased so much that we can sit in the corner of a country and talk to each other Of our family members and friends, Living in other countries and can interact with each other via text messages and video conferencing.
  2. Nowadays all people show their talent on social media and earn money for them.
  3. Also to get someone’s phots, video etc. Can be easily accessed through social media.
  4. Social media has become new entertainment tool for all people nowadays people can connect with their family and friends , and take their advantage of it.

Disadvantages (essay on social media) :-

  1. Social media is used for hacking .
  2. Social media causes security issue .
  3. People get addicted to social media.
  4. Student can easily distracted .
  5. Student who spends the most time using social media had “struggles in Academic”.
  6. Student might seen offensive image and messages.
  7. Social media disrupts sleep.
  8. Facilities laziness.
  9. Social media might results in cyberbullying.
  10. Fear of missing out (FOMO) can keep you returning to social over and over again.

Conclusion :-

Social media have both advantage and disadvantages. It depends on you, how to use it. It is the most powerful tool today. So overall we can say social media is best.

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