Essay on Republic Day | Essay on Republic Day (250 Words) in English

Introduction (Essay on Republic Day) :-

Republic day is a national festival in India. We celebrate this day on 26 January every year. And it is the largest written constitution in the world.

It gives us fundamental rights like freedom of speech, education, religion, and more.

Time and Date (Essay on Republic Day) :-

Our republic day takes place on 26th January. On 26 January 1950 India become a republic. Our constitution comes into force on this day the constitution of India is the supreme law of India.

Why Celebrate Republic Day?

The main reason for celebrating Republic Day is that the Constitution of our country came into effect on this day. However, apart from this, there is another history of this day, which is quite interesting.

It started with the session of the Indian National Congress held under the chairmanship of Pandit Nehru in Lahore in December 1929.

essay on republic day

In which it was announced by the Congress that if India is not given autonomous government (Dominion Status) by 26 January 1930, then after that India will declare itself completely independent, but when this day came and this was done by the British Government.

If no response was given on the issue, Congress started its active movement from that day with the goal of achieving complete independence.

This is the reason that when our country of India became independent, on this day of 26 January, the Constitution was chosen for establishment.

Celebrations (Essay on Republic Day) :-

Republic day in India celebrates in all over India the country with elation and with great fervor. However, most of all the happiest celebrations show happen in New Delhi the capital of India.

A parade is held when people walk all of life assemble at the Rajpath Redford where the President of India takes the salute and hoists the tricolor flag.

Conclusion :-

We remember all the devotion and sacrifice of our freedom fighters and an army soldier.
It is especially powerful among the three members of our country.

Works closely with Josh across the country. It is in a state of being characteristic, which is it’s characteristic.

For the sake of the human nation, it should be done with full zeal and respect.

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