Essay on Online Education (250words) | Online Education Essay in English

Introduction :-

Essay on Online Education: Online education is that education that is gained at any place and at any time, through electronic devices from the Internet. e.g. mobile, laptop& computer.

How did the Need for Online Education Arise:-

By the way, online education has been going on for a long time. But we did not give much importance to this education system.

Essay on Online Education

It was given utmost importance at a time when the coronavirus engulfed the whole country and every educational institution got closed. Then we needed online education. More importance was given to online education.

Advantage of online education:-

There are many benefits of online education. Online education we can get an education at any place at any time. Different types of weather, disability, and other circumstances cannot become a hindrance to you in online education.

It saves time and expenses incurred on non-formal things in school. Children who cannot go to school due to any reason or compulsion or they have left their studies. They can start their studies again at home through online education.

Disadvantages of online education :-

Many disadvantages have to be faced in the online education system. In online education, mainly the eyesight of the children is decreasing, problems are being faced in the fingers and bones.

Some children who cannot buy electronic equipment and some areas where the Internet network is not fully available, those children cannot attend lectures in online education. In online education, teachers are not able to talk to every child nor can they evaluate the child properly.

In online education, children don’t follow the discipline. They study according to their wish. Through online education, children play games on digital devices, for hours. Watching movies and wasting time in other types of activities. (essay on online education)

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