Essay On Online Classes in ( 250 Words) / Online Classes Essay

Introduction :-

Education Play the most important in the life of people . An online class is a course over the internet . Student take online education with help of mobile phones and laptops and computers . Online education has become very popular since past few years.

Online education is a form of education which is delivered and administered through internet . It is also called as ‘E-learning‘ Or online learning . Students use their home computers or smartphones device and attend online lecture through them .

In wake of wake of covid-19 pendemic , digital learning has emerged as a necessary resources for students and schools all over the world .
However this method of education has its on advantage .

Advantage :-

Time flexibility :-

Online courses are convenient because students may log into taking course material whenever it’s suit their schedule .

Increased access and reach :-

Learning can happen in any place as long as their is a device and connectivity . A physical class requires the student to come to school school but in this mood , the student can access lessons setting anywhere in the world.

Variety of programs and course :-

Student have lot of options to choose online educational program . They can select subjects and topics of their interests very easily .

No need to Travel :-

The beauty of these school is that students can study from their house . This can help to save time , money and fuel .

Improves retention quality :-

Online learning enhances relation power among students . It explains concept and theories in the from of videos , Images , descriptions , documentaries chart etc . So that they can remember easily . It can make easier for students with respect to equations problem-solving etc .

No age barrier :-

Online classes are effective for all age groups. People can finish their studies via online available courses and school students. Can find their notes in the online application.

Disadvantages :-

Not appropriate for all :-

It is a well-known fact that students have a dominant learning style. Some a visual, some auditory, etc. Online learning requires a child to sit in front of a device and understand the lesson may not be suited to all learning styles.

Health issue :-

Attending classes online require setting in front of a laptop and mobile for longer hours can gave same health issues like headache, eyestrain, ear problem, bad posture and other physical problems.

Lock for social interaction :-

Human beings learn a lot by simply being around other human being unfortunately online learning takes away all physical interaction that students and teachers might have on the school premises . It is always for better students to be around other students . To talk or discuss idea . Which is an essential part of learning .

Cost :-

Everyone cannot afford a computer or a smartphone . Internet prise are also increasing . Everyone cannot afford online education .

Distraction :-

Online learning also created a lots of distraction many students open the mobile to learn something and end up using social media website chatting , sharing , picture or playing video games . These type of distraction waste one’s time . Which could hove been used to perform a meaningful task.

Technical issue :-

Many students are not well equipped with a high internet connection that is required for online learning . due to this , they face problem in going live virtual learning and other platforms that requires internet connection . They face technical issues as they are not much aware of technology and computer application .

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