Essay on Nature (300words)/ Essay On Nature In English

Essay on Nature in 300 Words:-

Nature is the environment around us. Which fulfills our every need. In which air, water, plants, animals, mountains, plateaus, and deserts are all included. Both living and nonliving are found in nature.

Essay on Nature

Nature is a precious gift given by God on earth. Which we should take care of. Nature fulfills all our needs. Like air, water, flowers plants, and different types of herbs, etc.

It helps in keeping our health healthy. Provides us with pure air, water, fruits, and food, etc. Due to which we are not at risk of disease. We should enjoy nature.

Like morning walk in a garden, to exercise,yoga, meditation etc. By which the person remains healthy. If we look carefully then nature itself It is a wonderful art.

Essay on nature

The chirping of the birds, the flowing of the waterfalls, the gentle breeze and the swaying ocean touches the heart.

Due to the increasing growth of man and new technology, nature is being harmed. Today man is cutting trees for his needs, factories, vehicles are being used extensively on the earth and forests are on fire.

Due to which the natural forest wealth is being destroyed and the air is getting polluted simultaneously.

Due to this we have started getting respiratory diseases and different types of factories are being set up on the earth and the contaminated water of factories is being released into rivers, streams, due to which our water sources are getting polluted.

Due to which diseases like cholera, typhoid spread. Today farmers are doing chemical farming instead of doing organic farming in the fields. Due to which the fertility of the land ends and the land becomes polluted.

Due to this, we are not able to get nutritious food. This is the reason that today man is unknowingly harming nature, which is disturbing the balance of nature on earth, it is not raining on time, it is raining nonseasonal, extreme heat, and the ozone layer is getting depleted.

If we want to maintain life on earth then we have to take care of nature, because without nature life is impossible.

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