Essay on My School for Students 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11th Classes

Essay on My School for Students 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11th Classes

If you are a student who is searching for a simple and easy Essay on My School so in this post you will get Essay on My School for Students 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11th Classes. We have provided Each separate essay on my school for class 6 and my college essay 7th, 8th, and ninth classes. All are written for you in a simple, clear to understand manner. You can read similarly all of the essays about my school here.

Essay on My School for Students 6

My school’s Name is Ryan international school. it is one of the best schools in my city.  it is two kilometers away from my house and I go to school on a bus with my friends.

I study in grade six and I allowed to go to school because I learn many things over there and I can also play with my friends in break time, At the entrance, there is a large parking area for teachers and visitors towards the center there is a court here that is where my friends and I eat our lunch.

Besides the courtyard, there is a gym that is where we have PE lessons and weekly assemblies my school has two playgrounds for students to come and play together there is a large library room in my the school where we can read or borrow books at my school not only do they teach math and science but also values and manners.

we are given the opportunity to join many after-school activities and various inter-school competitions my school celebrates many events such as sports day Children’s Day Book Day Independence Day Republic Day etc like other schools

We also have a uniform and I like to wear a uniform because it makes me loo smarter I love my school my teachers and my friends I like to go to school every day because it’s fun.

Essay on My School For Student Class 7, 8

The school is such sweet heaven on earth that prepares the small minds for great tasks. The school provides us with education to live better and make progress for tomorrow. The not only school provides education but it is a tool of character building of a nation. The great schools are true assets of a nation. I am blessed to study in such a good school. My school is the best in the entire area.

I study in one of the best schools in our city. My school name is (write the name of your school).  My school has a history of serving my country. My school has produced many great people in my country. It has a beautiful building that looks shiny from far away.

I reach at me at the fixed timing. I come to school with my friends. We enter into the schools with great confidence. I take part in a school assembly and then we move into our classrooms.  As I enter into my classroom I find myself quite relaxed.

Our Class teacher greets us and asks about us daily. He is quite a cool and kind man. He entertains us along with teaching his subject. I learn a lot of things like honesty disciple, self-help, confidence, and cooperation here.

Our school has the best facilities like a playground, a library, a science hall, canteen, and a great computer lab. The library of our school is very big and keeps the books for all the students.

We take part in all school activities like singing, dancing, quiz competition, writing competition, tabloids, and others. It is the result of the hard work done by our teachers.

The great schools are the real blessing by God. They serve a nation. They prepare the way for national progress. It is a blessing that our country has so many great schools. I feel proud of studying here in this school. I hope I will brighten the name of my country and my school.

My School Essay For Class 9, 11 and 12

The place where children of tomorrow study, where the future of the nation is shaped are called school. Since education is an essential weapon for tomorrow, so the good schools of today are important for the best future of a nation. I am proud of myself that I am studying in one of the best schools in my town. And I consider myself to be the best future of not only my family but my country.

I study in a school that is near to my home. It is one of the best schools in my entire area. The name of my school is (please write the name of the school). I go to school with my other friends. We study in our school in a great friendly environment. We reach school at a fixed time.

As soon we reach we line up for attending the prayer. Attending school prayer is a wonderful experience. I enjoy myself for being first in a row in the school prayer. As soon the prayer ends we rush to our respective classrooms.

We greet each other. Meanwhile, our class teacher comes into the classroom. We all stand up in his respect. He nods in affirmation and with a great smile he orders us to sit. He teaches us about his experience. He shares his knowledge and motivates us for doing the best in our life.  All of our school teachers are very kind a very professional in teaching.

I am proud of my school because it provides us all the basic facilities like a big playground, a central library, a big auditorium hall, a science lab, canteen, and a good computer lab. We study under the guidance of the best teachers.

We take part in all school activities. One of my school fellows is the best singer and dancer. She has recently won the best singer award at the annual arts festival. Our school organizes all-important national events like Independence Day, teachers’ day, father’s day, games, etc.

The best schools are those who make the students best. I consider my school as the best school because it supports every student to do the best and make progress in theirs. The best school is also made by the best teachers.

Fortunately, my school provides the best environment, the best teachers and the best facilities. That is why my school is rated as one of the best schools in my entire area.

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