Essay On My hobby (250words)/Essay On my hobby In English

Introduction (Essay On My Hobby) :-

Hobbies play a very important role in our lives . They accupy our mind when we are free and also make us happy.
Hobbies are our escape from the real world that make us forget our worries . Moreover they make our lives interesting and enjoyable. They teach us lot of things of different stuff. they also help expanding our knowledge.

Essay on my hobby
Essay on my hobby

Kinds of hobbies (Essay On My Hobby) :-

There are many kind of hobbies .we can choose one as per our liking , playing , drawing, dancing, singing, painting , gardening, etc.All of us have some time when we have nothing to do. If we engage our selves in some kind of hobby it will save us getting bored.
We can get entertainment and our energies.

My Hobby (Essay On My Hobby) :-

There are several kind of hobbies example singing , dancing, photography, painting, hunting, gardening etc.
I have taken Up gardening as my hobby. I have taught a taste for gardening since my childhood. I’m very much engrossed in plants and flowers. I have visit many gorgeous garden located in big towns.

My Garden (Essay On My Hobby) :-

There is small garden in front of my house . We have planned some beautiful trees and plants in it. I water them daily , and set right flowers beds times. This is very cheap and beautiful hobby. It’s give me great pleasure , it’s keep me healthy .our garden gives us flowers , fruits, vegetables . It keeps the air fresh and clean.

Conclusion (Essay On My Hobby) :-

My Hobby is not expensive . My mother father and other members of my family help me in my hobby . In my leisure time I look after my Garden.
The fragrant flowers , the sweet fruit and the delicious veggies of my garden are valuable asset to me. I love gardening very much.

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