Essay On My Cow for Class 4,6 (15 Lines) /My Cow Essay In English

Essay on My Cow in English in 100 Words:-

The cow is a pet animal that is commonly found everywhere. According to the 2012 report of the National Dairy Development Board, India has a population of 190 million cows. More cows are found in India than all over the world.

The main breeds of the cow found in India are the Sahiwal caste, Nagori, Pawar, Bhagnadi, Rathi, Malvi, Kankrej, Sindhi, Dajjal, Tharparkar, Angol or Nailor, etc.

Essay on My Cow 15 lines for Kids/ My Cow Essay for Class 2,4,6 in English;

1 The cow is a domestic animal.

2 The cow is a very useful animal.

3 The Hindus worship it as ‘Gaumata’.

4 The cow eats green grass.

5 It has a large body.

Essay on My Cow

6 It has four legs, two horns, and a long tail.

7 The cow lives in the cowshed.

8 It is found in many colors.

9 It gives us milk

10 the cow is a very gentle and calm animal

11 People keep cow their homes for various reasons.

12 Cow milk is used to make chees butter Ghee etc.

13 It’s milk is good for children.

14 Cow is useful in many ways.

15 l like my cow very much.

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