Essay On Internet 250Words/ Essay on internet in English

Introduction (Essay on internet) :-

Internet is a very important things in this modern time . We can’t think of a single day without an internet connection . The entire world is connected with one network and that is the internet .
It has various use and billions of people internet services worldwide . It has made human life very simple and easy . People can access many complex things easily with a few clicks.

Essay on internet

Advantage of the internet (Essay on internet) :-

The biggest advantage of the internet is ‘ information has been easy ‘ if you need to know anything you can search that online. They are many search engines such as google , yahoo etc .
You can find your desires information from there . There are good articles , video and images , on every single topic . So if you want to learn everything the internet could be the best tool for you .

It is the best way to connect everyone . social media platform are becoming and billions of people are using them . All these have been for a good internet connection . One can interact with his friend and family on social media platform . Such as facebook , instagram , what’s app , twitter , they can share their own view and opinions.

Disadvantages of internet (essay on internet) :-

There are many disadvantages to the internet too .

It get addicting for many people .

Especially the youth get too much addicted to social media and online games .

That could be harmful to their health education .

It has direct impact on physical and mental health .

We need to use the internet on a specific limit .

some people spred fake news and make violence on social media .

These should be productive.

Conclusion (essay on internet) :-

After all , the internet is very useful things for us . We can run business with the half of internet and can learn many thing with it .

Internet also called as ‘network of networks ‘ is a worldwide system of computer networks . We can communicate with anyone across the globe , make new friends , search information , do business shop online and do and many more things with the use of internet . It has made our lives simpler .

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