Essay On Importance Of Education(250words)/Essay On importance Of Education In English

Introduction (essay on importance of education):-

What is education

1. Importance of education

2. Importance of education in rural areas

3. Need of education for bright future

4. Conclusion

“Education is a power and
Makes a person powerful “

Introduction :-

Education is very important place in person’s life . Education is the thing that make us decent human being and contributes to the progress of society .

We not only learn only something new through education but it also transfer the knowledge of previous generations to the new generations .
In this way we can say that education is very important for the progress of an individual as well as the whole society.

What is education (essay on importance of education) :-

Education change people’s thinking by bringing positive thoughts and eliminate negative thoughts . In our childhood our parents try to take our brain towards educatetion . They make every effort to provide us a good education by enrolling us in a good school . Education make us more civilized and better human beings . It helps us in a achieving better position and job in the society .

Essay on importance of education
Essay on importance of education

Importance Of Education :-

The importance of education has increased a lot in today’s time . Therefore , there is a need to give him a new direction . Education should such that a person can get acquainted with his surroundings. Education is very necessary tool for the bright future of all of us. It helps in the overall development of a person because we can acquire knowledge , skills and many other things through education. The attitude and personality of a person depends highly on his education. Education also plays an important role in making a person successful in life.

Importance of education in rural areas :-

Education becomes more important for people in rural areas . Because for the development of the whole of India , it is necessary that everyone from city to village in India should be educated. Therefore to promote the education system in rural areas , many government schemes are being run so that everyone has access to appropriate education . Many advertisements are show in TV and newspaper to show the importance and benefits of education to people in rural areas .

Need of education for bright future :-

Education is very important for the bright future of all of us. People are more likely to get jobs when educated. It also improves the way people speak and communicate . Education people know the importance of discipline and time management and thus have greater opportunities to become a successful individuals in their lives. Education provides the ability to overcome any major family social and even national and international problems . None of us can ignore the importance the education in every aspect of life.

Conclusion :-

Education is a fundamental right of every person, so everyone should get education to understand every important aspect of life. The government is making several efforts to increase education among people to every category . Many government schools are set up in different cities so that everyone can acquire knowledge and success in life.

“Educate Your Child, Educate The World”

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