Essay On Global Warming (300 Words) / Global Warming Essay In English:-

Essay On Global Warming (300 Words) / Global Warming Essay In English:-

We know that global warming has become a concern in the world. One of the biggest challenges that the Environment is facing today is global warming. We have also started facing its effect in recent times.

Introduction :-

The term ‘global warming ‘ denotes a rise in the earth’s average temperature.
Responsible for new diseases health problems and land loss.

Causes of Global Warming (Essay On Global Warming In English) :-

The prime cause of global warming is the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is caused due to the gases which absorb and reflect radiation energy.

The gases responsible for the greenhouse gases when present in moderate quantities help the earth retain the heat received from sunlight thus helping in maintaining the moderate temperature necessary for the survival of life on Earth.

But human activities such as industrialization deforestation and environmental pollution causes increased greenhouses gases. There are many ways in which we can pretend the experience of global warming.

Essay On Global Warming

Following are the steps which can greatly help reducing the greenhouse gases thus reducing global warming:-

  1. Top burning fossil fuel.
  2. Reduce in the the transportation pollution.
  3. Use electrical vehicle.
  4. Restricting the emission greenhouse gases from the factory.
  5. Increase plantation and promote reforestation
  6. Proper waste management
  7. Avoid wastage of electricity
  8. Use LED bulbs
  9. Reduce paper usage
  10. Reuse and recycle
  11. Regular tuning and service of vehicle
  12. avoid disposable plastic and use earthen cups
  13. Use of public transport and carpool

Conclusion (Essay On Global Warming In English) :-

Global warming is a global issue. It’s not about a single country or an individual. It is all about our Earth.

Our ecosystem and most importantly it’s about the survival of the human race.
Let’s unite and Stand Together to prevent this man-made curse and make our Earth a better place for our future generations.

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