Essay on Environment in English | Environment essay in 250 Words

Essay on Environment :- The Environment around us which is surrounded by air, water, plants, animals and various types of things.

Meaning of Environment :-

Enviorment is a French word “Environ”, which means ‘total encircle’

What is Enviorment?

Enviorment is the sum total of all living and non living factor that compose the surroundings of man.


Importance of environment :-

Environment is a great tool to keep human being alive with this, we provide fresh air, cool water and many herbs. Due to the weather change on time, it balance human life. It provide our need to daily routine, Without environment the human life can not live.

Advantage of environment :-

Advantage of environment, Without environment is life impossible on the earth .

Because human beings are dependent on the environment .

As if air to breath , drinking water , to fight with different type of diseases different type of herbs and items use in their daily routine .

Disadvantages of environment:- (Essay on Environment)

While we get many types of benefits from the environment , we also have to face many losses due to the mistakes made by us.

Today human beings are cutting forests to meet their needs and are laying a network of vehicles and factories on the earth.

Due to which the air , water , sound and soil are getting polluted. And human beings are getting diseases.

How to keep environment alive :-

To keep the environment alive , we have to walk together , not against the environment.

Natural resources have to be saved from destruction. Always keep water, air , sound and soil clean.

Come , let us all pledge today and we will start with ourselves to save the environment.

Why have you changed man,

why are you calling your end near,

if the environment will keep alive,

you will be alive.

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