Essay on Diwali, 200 words for 5th, 6th class Students.

Essay on Diwali:

Diwali is an occasion that is considered a seasonal festival in Hinduism which is celebrated with joy and cheer. It was the day when king Rama destroyed the evil forces.

Diwali has been associated with the bursting crackles, which is not in the true spirit of the festival. The main motive of the festivals is to spread happiness with our loved ones.

During this festival friends and families comes to meet each other, and Diwali is the best example to spread love and happiness with each other.

essay on diwali

It is celebrated as a National holiday and every student comes to their families and celebrates Diwali with their families. Diwali teaches us to be patient and spread happiness.

Children keep waiting for the festival to celebrate with their friends because it gets more exciting at night as many sky lanterns are released in the air to fly high and light up in the sky.

The houses are thoroughly been cleaned to clean them of dirt. It is very important to clean the house as it would determine your wellness and health.

Diwali is the most important festival in Hindu Culture for a very long time and moral of the celebrating Diwali is “Good people always win over bad ones”.

Essay on Diwali

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