Essay on Aatam Nirbhar Bharat :-

Introduction (Aatam Nirbhar Bharat )( self – Relaint ) :-

Self Reliant mens that no one should depend on other for their success in life . In other words we can also say that we should not exact help from other to run our livinghood , but a person should be self – confident and self dependent . A person who depends on another for their success in life . In other words we can also say that should be not expect help others to run our livelihood , but a person should be self confident and self dependent . A person who depends on another person can never progress or succeed in life .

Qualities To Be Self Reliant (Essay on Aatam Nirbhar Bharat ):-

Being self reliant is the greatest quality of human being or any country . if a person a country will be self dependent in itself . It will not to seek the help of other nor will it depend on other being self reliant is the best quality for both the individual and the country .

Resources Available In India (Essay on Aatam Nirbhar Bharat) :-

If we look at the resources of our India , Our India is a prosperous country . Even in a seven epidemic like corona virus , our country did not ask help from any country during the lock down . Our country is so capable that even in an emergency situation , the Indian government has given life to millions of people . Announcement an economic relief package worth billions of rupees so that no one can died of hunger in the country .

India At Times Of Independence And Present India (Essay on Aatam Nirbhar Bharat ) :-

Even after in India was liberated from British rule in 1947 . India was dependent on another country with few resources but todays India is becoming self reliant in every field .

Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan Or Self Reliant India Mission (Essay on Aatam Nirbhar Bharat ) :-

The prime minister of India ,Mr. Narender Modi . Implemented Aatam Nirbhar abhiyan Yojna ( self reliant India campaign scheme ) to make India country and resident of India . Self reliant the main objective of which is to make India a prosperous country . The scheme was launched on 12 may 2020 . According to the scheme , a relief package amount of 20lac crore was announced to the people of the country .

Beneficiaries Of Self – Reliant India campaign Scheme Will Be (Essay on Aatam Nirbhar Bharat) :-

Farmers , poor citizen migrant workers , small scale industries , fisherman , cattle , ranchers , middle class industries , people work in Organised sector or unorganised sector etc.

India is working in many schem to strengthen it’s economy such as :-

  1. New industries are being established .
  2. Many new technologies or new machine are being used in factories .
  3. Production from needle to plan is being planned .
  4. The agricultural sector is being given more importance then ever and their condition is being improved .
  5. Change are being made in education policy .
  6. Equipment of hospitals is being modernished so that all treatment is possible in India .
  7. India is now moving towards becoming digital India , where online process is being started .

Under the atam Nirbhar Bhatra Abhiyan yojna compensation and benefits will be given to all worker , farmers , trader , etc , who have suffered loss due to knockdown .

The country of India has moved completely towards becoming self – reliant , the government of India is Implementing all other types of schemes so that our India and the citizens of India are self – Reliant so that the welfare of the country and citizens.

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