Essay On Mobile Phone | Mobile Phone Essay in English

Essay on mobile

The mobile phone has become an integral part of humans in today’s era. Here is the Essay on mobile phone in English 250 words. Mobile Phone Benefits (essay on a mobile phone):- Mobile phone keeps us connected with our friends and relatives, we can make a voice call or video call to anyone from any … Read more

Essay On Health is wealth /Essay on Health is wealth in English

essay on health is wealth

Essay On Health is wealth /Essay on Health is wealth in English: The proverb ‘Health is Wealth’ is absolutely true. Our health comes first it is our real wealth of us. It is the most precious thing we possess. An unhealthy person is not able to do anything of his choice. He loses interest in … Read more

Essay on Diwali, 200 words for 5th, 6th class Students.

essay on diwali

Essay on Diwali: Diwali is an occasion that is considered a seasonal festival in Hinduism which is celebrated with joy and cheer. It was the day when king Rama destroyed the evil forces. Diwali has been associated with the bursting crackles, which is not in the true spirit of the festival. The main motive of … Read more

Essay On Social Media (250words)/Essay On Social Media Media In English

Introduction (Essay on social media) :- Social media is an online platform that facilities the sharing of information and thoughts through the building of virtual communities. Some top social media companies are on facebook, instagram, u tube, what’s aap, tweeter, linked in, Pinterest etc. Meaning (Essay on social media) :- Online interaction and communication between … Read more

Essay On Importance Of Education(250words)/Essay On importance Of Education In English

Introduction (essay on importance of education):- What is education 1. Importance of education 2. Importance of education in rural areas 3. Need of education for bright future 4. Conclusion “Education is a power andMakes a person powerful “ Introduction :- Education is very important place in person’s life . Education is the thing that make … Read more